Donelson View Outreach/Missions

Donelson View is continuing to grow in our minsitries and we have seen God's many blessings on the work being done.

Donelson View has a few areas we have focused on, such as Operation Christmas Child Shoebox. We have been involved with this ministry for many years now. We have been blessed by this mission as well as the children we believe who have received a shoebox over the years. Our church has had many fundraisers, packing parties, and even had groups go to the main packing facility to lend a hand. We hope you are interested and would like to join us in this very amazing ministry.

Also at Donelson View we have a mission to help an orphanage in India and have seen through God's blessings, the orphanage receive needed supplies and many other needs met. We feel close to them and they have become part of our church, though many miles away!

Another area we are working in and growing in, is our work with the Fishes and Loaves Ministry in Kentucky. We

help and deliver to their food pantry.

From time to time as a part of Donelson, we have begun to reach out to the city by being a part of the Donelson Farmers Market.

We have begun to reach out on certain mornings with our Coffee and Breakfast Drive Thru. We are set-up from 7-9am

As we grow as a church we feel God will continue to lead us in our outreach and mission. God is among us and has given us a heart for people, whether down the street or across the ocean!