Bo Fawbush, PASTOR

I grew up in Greeneville, TN, and I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1993. I worked for the State of Tennessee in Nashville for about four years before God called me into the ministry.

My journey in being called to the pastorate has been a long and winding road. I graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY in 2001, and worked as a hospital chaplain in Louisville for about two years. Shortly after my chaplaincy ended, my wife Alicia & I married and for seven years faithfully served in our local church while I was employed by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District. Yet, we never sensed God's call into the pastorate until God brought us to Donelson View.  I have been pastor of DVBC since August, 2009, and on August 1, 2022, my family and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary in this ministry.   I love this church deeply! 

The passion of my life is preaching the Gospel in a clear and understandable manner so that people can see the Glory of Jesus Christ and the massive hope that believers have through Him. God has been faithful to me throughout my life, and I desire that others come to know Him & experience His unfailing mercy and love.

In my spare time, I enjoy having fun with my wife Alicia and our four children. Alicia is my best friend and the love of my life. We love music. Alicia has an awesome voice, and I play the guitar. I enjoy watching my Tennessee Volunteers and the Tennessee Titans. I also enjoy roasting my own coffee.

We would love for you to worship with us at Donelson View. I know that you will be greeted warmly, and I trust that you will sense the power of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst.

May You Know the Depth of His Love,

Bo Fawbush, Pastor

P.S. If there is a way that Donelson View can pray for your needs, please contact us at: