Upcoming Events

From time to time, we as a church have different activities and celebrations along with our regular scheduled services. So check back often to see if anything is coming up for you to join us in and to invite others!!

  • Youth life skills

    Donelson View will host a "Youth Life Skills Class" for all youths interested. The classes will run for a few weeks on Sunday nights. They will begin at 6pm. Each week the youth will have a special visitor who will help the youth learn skills from real life and also Biblical lessons that can prepare them for the future. Also there will be snacks available.

    So if you are a youth that is interested, just remember, it all starts Sunday night, September 9th at 6pm!!! 

Donelson View Drive-Thru Brew

Donelson View, will on Wednesdays have a tent set-up to give out fresh coffee and breakfast treats for FREE!   Yep that's right, FREE!