The NEw connect class


The Donelson View Baptist Church Sunday School Ministry is introducing a new class on Sunday mornings. The Connect Classes Mission Statement is...

"To connect with Christ in a class setting among likeminded adults, seeking to grow in Bible study and faith. Along with growing in Bible study, to produce fellowship among each other and to lift one another up."

The class will be open from ages 18 - Up, single or couples, visitor, new member or established members of the church. All are welcome, so come when you can and feel free to join us. The new class will be co-taught and will prayerfully bring each one of us closer to Christ, through the Word of God! 

We are looking forward to this new class and hope you will join as well!

-Sunday School Ministry of Donelson View

connect class info


Sunday Mornings at 9:30am - 10:30pm


18 and Up, Members or Visitors, Singles or Couples welcome


Second Floor Sunday School Wing across from nursery.

Donelson View Baptist Church   2049 Lebanon Road,  Nashville, TN